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  • Soprano Ice laser hair removal

    Cosmetic devicesfor rent

    • Simultaneous contact cooling

    • Triple laser power

    • Hygienic disposable attachments




    Device description

    Soprano Ice Platinum is the most modern laser for hair removal. It combines three wavelenghts in one pulse. In addiction to high effectivenes of the treatments, the safety, patient comfort and the speednes of the treatments are also emphasized. SHR is a unique heating method, thet effectively destroys hair follicles. And ICE is a special cold tip made of sapphire, which by cooling the skin makes cooling effect which is comfortable for tha patient.. This combination of SHR and ICE reduces pain to almost impalpable.


  • B-Strong building muscles

    Cosmetic devicesfor rent

    • With B-Strong your muscles work like in a gym.

    • Perfect action, even through clothes.

    • Subdued, fast, and the effect is immediate.


    Device description

    B-Strong is a technology designed for those who "don't have time", for those who are always in a hurry, but want to get enviable shapes quickly and without sacrifice. B-Strong technology works directly on the muscles thanks to powerful magnetic induction, thus overcoming the limitations of traditional electrostimulation (EMS). The amazing applicators of this device work in-depth, directly capturing the neuromuscular system without affecting the dermis. The muscles are stimulated to work thousands of times in a safe and risk-free manner. The client will feel the work of all connected muscle groups in full comfort and without pain, and the device works even through clothing.


  • Accent Prime skin rejuvenation

    Cosmetic devicesfor rent

    • Combined technologies for better,

    long - lasting results.

    • No expensive consumables..

    • Clinically proven in numerous studies.





    Device desription

    Almas Accent Prime ™ is the most modern system for skin rejuvenation as well as for shaping and firming the face and body. The platform combines the latest developments in ultrasound and radio frequency technology and offers effective, individually customizable treatments with natural-looking, long-lasting results.